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PAS’ Mission is to provide superior recovery service to its clients above all else. We promise to continually strive to provide exceptional attention to consistency and detail for the primary benefit of our clients.

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What People Say About Us

“Your team is experienced and did not interrupt my Accounts Payable Department.”

University Client

“I would recommend PAS for your next Accounts Payable Audit.”

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“Great Audit! Thanks for all your recommendations.”

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What We Can Do For You

We offer a suite of services, so you can choose the level of review most suitable to your organization's needs. Our standard services can be customized with several additional service options. In all cases, services are paid only from commissions on recovered funds.

Recover Your Lost Money

Professional Auditing Services works with companies ranging from mid-sized to Fortune 500 that want to rapidly recover monies lost through their accounts payables invoice process and with “decision-makers” who want to dramatically improve their accounts payable effectiveness.

Improve Ongoing Spending Flow

Make your company’s cash flow smooth and effective. This translates into higher bottom line profits, lower expenditures and the opportunity to right-size and right-people your procurement department. Also, to quickly recover money that rightfully belongs to you.

Additional Services

Consulting Report

This report adds great detail to the Standard Contingency-Based Invoice Recovery Audit Package's executive summary audit list. We thoroughly describe each claim type and recommend ways to prevent reoccurrences. Copies of this report are made for all A/P department stakeholders. We highly recommend this service-; theoretically, it could be worth the annual price of recovered monies!

Training Session

This option combines the consulting report with a customized training session for your A/P staff based on the report. The training is an engaging half-day session devoted to explaining how to save costs and improve your firm's A/P invoice payment processes. Repeat sessions are available if required for an additional fee per employee, per additional session. 

Audit Maintenance

Many of our clients lock in additional savings by scheduling another invoice recovery audit in advance. Your fee for a Standard Contingency-Based Invoice Recovery Audit Package may be reduced if it is ordered before a current project is completed.

A/P Consulting

This exclusive service is available for those clients with special business conditions that warrant our custom expertise. Price is based on an hourly rate, depending on the accounting consultant assigned.

Why Choose PAS?

Even if you think your organization is operating “almost perfectly” our review can show you how much more you could be saving. We guarantee that we will help you find opportunities to cut costs. PAS will provide your organization with more recoveries at the lowest overall contingency fee. We have been servicing clients like you since 1993.

Client Savings

Our goal is to maximize client profitability. We do a financial review to help our clients recover and save money.

Lowest Overall Cost

The PAS Contingency-Based Recovery Audit System will provide the most comprehensive cost analysis and audit recovery of funds for the lowest percentage. PAS typically recovers 60 percent more than other recovery firms.

Experience And Depth

Our in-depth database of industry-wide exceptions is based upon over 21 years of previous experience. We have audited over 100,000 companies. Industries we've worked in include: retail, automotive, health- care, school districts, government agencies, public utilities, parts manufacturers, and more. 

Informative Final Report

PAS provides a customized final audit report that identifies internal control and vendor database weaknesses. We explain how the system weaknesses occurred and recommend courses of action to prevent exceptions from reoccurring.

Improved Vendor Relations

We will never recommend a client "short-pay" the vendor without a vendor's full agreement. We want to help you avoid unresolved vendor disputes after the audit has been completed and nurture better vendor relationships!

More Recoveries

Our tracking of repetitive findings allows us to identify additional avenues for recovery and ensures a more comprehensive audit.

A Proven Track Record

We have a proven record of obtaining large recoveries for erroneously processed purchase orders/invoices based upon an analysis of pre-established contract prices. We also ensure that all promotional allowances and rebates have been maximized.

Specialized Software

PAS has unique tested software to identify duplicate payments, overpayments and overcharges.

CPA Supervised

We will provide ongoing communication which includes on-site review and regular phone, e-mail or fax updates from the designated supervisor/licensed Certified Public Accountant.

An Unbeatable Team!

Our staff is dedicated, experienced and professional. Whether your data is manually or electronically transferred, the team will work full time on your case, bringing along an average of seven years experience. Each auditor is motivated to exceed the client's expectations, dedicated to their work and proud of their many outstanding achievements.

Overpayments Come In Many Forms

We Will Investigate 75 Different Types Of Overpayments

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